Day in a Word

What it’s all about.

“Day in a Word” is a daily lettering challenge I started in 2015 to introduce myself to the art of hand lettering. By producing one hand-made design every day, I explored various styles and techniques, while also expanding my abilities in custom typography.

In 2018, I’m revisiting the challenge by hosting the portfolio here on my website, and inviting you to join along to find your daily challenge, inspiring you to become a better person.

Want to commission a hand lettered design?

Who's doing this?

Day in a Word is organized by Jacob Morgan, a graphic designer and hand letterer who's dumb/smart enough to commit to doing one of these every. single. day.

Why do it?

It's more than hand lettering. It's about process improvement, the desire to try new things and learn new techniques that you usually wouldn't explore.

How can I follow?

Visit @dayinaword on Instagram to follow the project, and engage with myself and the community as we push to grow ourselves through this challenge.