The Project

Solo album visuals for the streets.

Fern of Social Club Misfits really wanted to capture the heritage and environement of his past in his solo album, 68 + Douglas. With tracks unpacking the baggage of his past, as well as lessons from his present, this hard hitting album needed some solid branding and marketing material to make sure it was correctly represented visually.

The Design

Street style meets classical coloring.

We decided to use graffiti tag styling to craft the text for the album, using monochromatic images and textures for the backdrop of our materials. After playing with some deep forest greens, a strong gold was chosen as an accent color. We created a variety of marketing materials varying from GIF advertisements to web banners to excite fans giving them a glimpse of what was to come. The end result was a perfect representation of Fern's style, and it went over incredibly well with his fans, hitting the top of charts within the first few days of release.