The Project

Create a captivating destination for coffee enthusiasts.

Society Coffee was set out to do one thing; to change the way gas station coffee was perceived. Part of that experience was in making the cafe some sort of destination, and they had this perfect brick wall to do just that. So, working with CreativeMind Lab of DFW, we set out to make this stellar mural.

The Design

Successful customer engagement and captivation.

The concept was to design a Chemex pouring out into a drip that customers could place their cups under for a neat photo op. Society Coffee was building up engaging social media properties, so this was an awesome way to involve customers in their social media platforms.

We used cafe keywords to fill up our mural, hand crafted just like the coffee. After deciding on a direction from various sketches, we created a final version to send to the painter down in Texas to have applied to the building. The result has been amazing, seeing customers pose next to the Instagram-famous mural.

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