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February was Motorsports month! One of my biggest hobbies is motorsports, working on my ’84 Porsche 944 in the times I’m not behind a screen. So, I wanted to share some of the motorsports quotes that I believe are inspiring even when you’re not behind the wheel of a meticulously assembled automobile. Here are my 5 favorites of the month!

2. Life is Too Short…

Life’s too short to drive boring cars! It‘s also too short to keep fixing them…

I needed to buy a winter car a couple years ago, preparing my Porsche for my honeymoon road-trip, I had two requirements for a winter vehicle: It had to be all wheel drive and stick shift. It would be too easy to buy any variety of winter beater vehicle, but I opted for something unique, enjoyable, and with maximum smiles per gallon. What a great motorsports quote… Sometimes life needs a little more than just A-to-B. Find enjoyment in between, and take the scenic route.

2. No Race is Won in the First Corner…

The first turn can’t win you the race, but it sure can lose it for you! Be patient, persistent, and go for gold!

Nobody wins on spontaneous effort, but on consistent hard work and determination. Quick wins are easy… but are they sustainable? If you effectively plan for your “first turns” of your endeavors, you’ll win more races, and have a more predictable approach to your success.

3. No Traction? No Problem.

The art of steering with throttle… No traction? No problem. Thought this was appropriate for the snowstorm currently happening outside our home.

Counter-steering a drift through a corner is one of the most amazing feelings when piloting an automobile, and one a lot of people need to learn in life. When driving in Wisconsin snow, often you lose traction around the corner (not always by accident), and you are stuck with a split second decision. Losing traction is obviously a bad situation, but handling that bad situation correctly results in a thrilling experience, and also not totaling your vehicle (or yourself). Learning to react properly to the negatives you’ll inevitably experience will leave you better than you were before the corner, and ready for the next one!

4. Save the Manuals!

Let’s hear it for the best security system in America! But for real, who still knows how to use three pedals?

Driving a manual transmission is something I hope to never go without. Not only does it keep you engaged while driving, but it really makes you aware and connected to the mechanic workings of your vehicle. Having complete control of your vehicles engine with your right foot, and drivetrain with the left, you are completely in control, managing the power output and application applied. Now let’s apply this to marketing. Automation can be a great tool for efficiency, but if you lose the feeling of human interaction and attention, your efforts are in vein, and you become disconnected from your audience.

5. Always Have a Backup Plan

You can run out of one, but three strikes and you’re out buddy!

You can run out of one or two… but all three and game over! Life doesn’t always go as planned, and having backup plans or safeties set up is not only wise, but necessary. Things that matter require taking some amount of risk, and not all risk results in reward. Define and establish your steady sources, so you can take risks and experiment without betting the farm.

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