I worked at Spacesaver Corporation for two years, starting as a Graphic Designer on the marketing team, eventually moving up to Creative Strategist with roles on the product development, culture, and other internal teams. In these roles, I was blessed to work on an internal marketing team that wanted to push the envelope and innovate beyond what our competitors saw possible. By coming up with alternate marketing methods, and carefully tracking progress to hypothesis and goals, we were able to grow our offering and penetrate new markets. When I was offered the Goff’s position to lead my own team, my manager and I knew it was likely time for me to continue growing.


NeoCon Tradeshow Animations

Spacesaver was in the middle of a critical moment, rebranding office storage as the “building blocks” to a better workplace via modular lockers. However easy that sounds, we needed to come up with a way to pitch that story at a glance, and inspire our distribution network and customers to take action. I came up with an isometric illustration style to tell the story, and learned how to make these looping “building blocks” animations.


Product Branding for Niche Markets

Selling products that fit into multiple applications has its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks. One is finding a core value prop that fits every potential application. To tackle that problem, we decided to go after the smaller more unique niches. Our first? Crossfit gyms. Our product was a high-efficiency storage system that would maximize what gyms could fit in their space. So, we came up with LIFT. We created an entire sub-brand to Spacesaver, including brochures, ecommerce, and and website, to tell that story and seek out that market. LIFT speaks to Crossfit gym workouts, and describes what our storage system does to gym equipment. The animation transforms from LIFT to the shape and motion of our shelving.


Market Segment Collateral

At Spacesaver, we served many markets with our products. As in the example above, we used different strategies to penetrate different markets. LIFT was a particularly fun one, developing an entirely separate sub-brand to appeal to the CrossFit community. I led the Creative Direction of the project, and came up with the LIFT brand and product brochure to hit that market. I used a chalk cloud look as the core of the visuals, along with an energetic yellow color. We added specialty items to this guide vs other markets, such as a worksheet in the back for users to mark out their own gym and take inventory of what they need stored. Our value? It’s way cheaper to add better storage than build on more space.