When Switchfoot (aka, my favorite band ever) released their tenth studio album, “The Wound Is Where the Light Shines Through,” I decided to create a hand-lettered piece inspired by each song on the new record, and posted each piece to my Instagram account. After Switchfoot shared a few of my images on their pages, their team reached out and asked if I’d vectorize one of the lettering designs into a shirt for their upcoming tour.


Lyrical Shirt for Tour Merch

The piece we decided to go with was from “I Won’t Let You Go”, containing a phrase from the end resolve of the song. Also, this was my favorite design out of the batch, so I was super thrilled. After refining and vectorizing my lettering, I delivered it to the band in print-ready fashion for them to start production, and it was a huge hit during their Looking for America tour. They even got the design reprinted (which was awesome because they sold out before I could order my copy).