26 Spraypaint Textures


26 spraypaint textures in hi-res JPG and transparent PNG format ready to breathe life to your designs!  Explore the composure and aesthetic of spraypaint in your designs. Use these textures to enhance the feel of an object, add a background to your image, or give your overall design that little bit of grit!

This pack features:

  • •  Over 5K Resolution
  • •  13 JPG Textures
  • •  13 PNG Textures
  • •  2 Gold Foil Textures



Looking for the perfect spraypaint textures to enhance your work? I was too.

After years of searching for high quality textures that didn’t have that blotchy digital look, I decided to go out in the garage and create some for myself! Spraypaint really appeals to the eye because it has such a unique and non-uniform pattern. It feels like organized chaos however it chooses to fall. This pack was originally created to spice up my Day in a Word Lettering Challenge, but quickly became a regular tool I used to enhance projects for clients, lettering pieces for myself, and anywhere else I needed to add some wear to my work. When I found use after use for these spraypaint textures, it dawned on me; I’m probably not the only one in this texture dilemma!

I designed this kit to pair well with Photoshop and Procreate. Once you’ve developed the basic shapes in the program, it’s texture time! Simply grab the desired texture, and choose from the vast selection of blend modes and effects to fit each piece. Mask for each layer, apply overall, add some color… the options are endless. And what results is a really cool visual feel to your work. Download the kit today to get started!

Product Features:


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