EvoFit Dallas

Turner, a personal trainer from Texas, was moving from one-on-one personal training to opening up his first brick-and-mortar gym, with online workout & meal plans for a greater digital community. We worked together to develop a new logo for this venture, merchandise for team members and clients, and built out a series of branded meal and workout plans so his reach could go beyond the four walls of his local gym.


Building the EvoFit Brand

When coming up with the brand for EvoFit, I wanted to create an image that clients and employees alike could rally behind. It had to be bold and memorable, standing out in the popular world of CrossFit. After a few different directions, I found a way to make the E and T play as a sort of winged badge, but it also was able to be adapted into a monogram using the same winged element on the F to make a really cool looking EF monogram. Turner fell in love with the look, and we adopted this look into all collateral and signage.


Developing Digital & Print Products

Now that we had a solid brand, we needed to apply it in a strategic way to build community around workout & meal plans. We decided to take an individually branded approach to each program, creating a sub-brand that Turner would advertise on his website and on all social channels. In addition to the look, the plans had to be functional. So, we designed them with mobile & print in mind.