Third Pedal Podcast

The Third Pedal Podcast is a passion project I run with my brothers. We’re all gearheads at heart, and spend a majority of our time at family gatherings talking about the latest automotive news, crazy builds we’ve seen, or what we broke on our car that week. We kicked off the podcast with a weekend trip to the Tail of the Dragon, kicking off recording three back-to-back episodes in our AirBNB.


The Third Pedal Podcast Brand

For the brand, we wanted to keep it simple and memorable. “Third Pedal” pays homage to the manual transmission clutch pedal, something gearheads just can’t let go of. Fonts can have a huge impact on how users interpret your words, so we chose a very casual typeface for our messaging. We’re not here to perform an exact or polished car analysis. We’re three brothers chatting about whatever showed up in our feeds that week, which is exactly how we wanted the brand to feel.


Rapid Production for Weekly Release

When we launched Season 1, we were recording week-by-week. My responsibility is editing all of the audio/video together and outputting various formats for my cohosts to upload throughout the week. Often, we’d have a day or two to turnaround edits for launch before brainstorming the next episode. Initially each episode was available in video and audio formats, but at the end of season 1 we had to drop video due to lack of availability. Both of my brothers were each blessed with a healthy baby girl this year, so we put the podcast on pause until everyone is settled in to start season 2 in 2022.



Alternative Social Strategies

To reach more individuals, we chopped a few standout clips from each episode to share on social media, as well as YouTube’s “clips” feature. We edited these videos vertically optimized for mobile users. Creating bite-sized content makes what you do more sharable. It’s a good way to provide a sneak peak and make people curious what the rest of the episode has to offer!