FCP Euro

I worked with FCP Euro for a few months working on their marketing collateral. I joined their team when I reached out after buying parts from their site. I flew to their facility and led the design and implementation of their Cyber Week event, the biggest sale of the year for the company. After developing the complete email and social ad set for the campaign, I joined their team for 6 months to create branding guides, redesign media, and help them brand the beginning of their motorsports program.


Debuting the Motorsports Program

In order to further reach their target audience, FCP Euro created a motorsports division to not only put the brand in front of consumers, but practice what they preach about only selling what they would put on their own car, or in this case, racecar. As a part of that program, I put the BMW we would enter into the Pirelli World Challenge in magazine ads, as well as a printout for autographs at racing events. Nothing gathers gearheads like a well built racecar!


Memorial Day Creatives

Part of my regular responsibility at FCP was coming up with all of our marketing imagery and content. Our Memorial Day sale was one of my favorite examples of thinking outside the box with I came up with this creative direction for our Memorial Day ad campaign. Combining multiple ecommerce images together in a red/white/blue pattern combined with