Goff's Rebranding

Goff’s is my most recent full time employer, where I work as the Marketing Director. When I started in 2019, they had outsourced all marketing activity to outside consultants. Not only did our documents look old and dated, but relying on outside help always means slower reaction time to changing needs of customers. When I was hired on, we brought all activities in-house. I helped fine-tune the internal marketing team to adopt the new responsibilities, and we proceeded to reshape Goff’s. This was going to be a 2 year process of rebranding, but one that was desperately needed.


Modernizing & Consolidating

The Goff’s brand had been around for 30 years, being the originator of the popular vinyl curtain wall system found in auto body shops. Since the name was already recognizable, my task was to modernize it without losing the essence. By flattening the logo and branding around a bold deeper blue, we brought a very modern but recognizable evolution to the Goff’s logo. Each major product line has it’s own crest/logo that is applied to the vinyl, so we revamped the complete collection with consistency to represent the new brand. The rebranding efforts were announced at the International Door Association tradeshow in 2020, debuting a new vinyl door model and all of our rebranded sales materials.


Developing Digital & Print Products

Now that we had a solid brand, we needed to apply it in a strategic way to build community around workout & meal plans. We decided to take an individually branded approach to each program, creating a sub-brand that Turner would advertise on his website and on all social channels. In addition to the look, the plans had to be functional. So, we designed them with mobile & print in mind.


Virtual Solutions to Cancelled Tradeshows

When our biggest tradeshow of the year was cancelled in early 2021, we decided to host our own. Turning to our brand new web platform, we built out a week long digital experience, the “Goff’s Virtual Showcase.” This week-long event highlighted the products we planned to bring to the tradeshow, engaging our audience every day with two social media posts, a live webinar during the week, and debut of our latest sales video highlighting the standard features our product line offers compared to competitors. None of our competitors made a move during this off year, and customers looked to us to give answers in the silence. We received many qualified leads and earned more trust with current dealers with the relaunch of our brand.


Migrating Digital Homes

My biggest project so far has been teaching my two marketing employees the ins and outs of Wordpress (from scratch), and leading them through a complete migration to a new domain and overhaul of our website from the ground up. Using Wordpress & WPBakery as a platform, we completely reimagined the web experience of Goff’s Enterprises. In only a couple of months, our new site outranks our 20+ year domain, and is converting at a higher rate than we have ever seen. We’ve achieved about 2X qualified leads per month than our other site produced, with a steady flow of organic traffic.



Engaging Visuals for Tradeshows

As a part of our tradeshow buildout, I animated various elements in our looped video that plays in our booth using Premiere and After Effects. One of Goff’s highest level value props is to include standard what other companies will nickel and dime you for, so we wanted a video that highlighted all of those elements for passers by, using engaging video to pull them into the booth. We got a lot of comments as people stopped walking by to say “wait, you’re saying X comes standard? No charge?”


In the Midst of the Pandemic...

During early 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape of business, we went to the drawing board to try and come up with a way our partitions could help society fight this illness. We were among the first companies to produce what the CDC would come to recognize as a “Sneeze Guard” barrier to separate individuals. Now we had an idea, but how do we get the word out? Other companies monopolize the keywords everyone was going for, so we took to social media to target key individuals in a variety of markets, from local restaurants & salons, the USPS, large commercial operations, and even the military. As we learned more about the virus, and safety measures evolved, social media was a key tool in how we blasted past the noise to deliver our options to customers, and as a result, we ended the year 30% higher than our pre-pandemic goal for the year.